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Truly Living my Best Life

Updated: Sep 18, 2018

About a month after relocating back to NYC, I joined the cast of an AMAZING new work called New Here. I was so happy to jump back into a new project after finishing my contract in Cincinnati. It was also cool to work be working with Rory McGregor again. In my opinion, Rory is a creative genius and will definitely impact the future of American Theatre. He freakin' assitant directed M. Butterfly with Julie Taymore on Broadway... so he is well on his way. We had a one night only performance in NYC at Dixon Place and it was really cool.

New Here Cast

I also got a schweet Teaching Artist gig. It was my first time teaching English Language Learners (ELL).ELL students are kids who recently moved to America and are new to the English language. It was life changing. I enjoyed watching kids grow in confidence and grow in ther English through Theatre. It was also really thrilling to teach during the day and go to rehearsal at night.... Hashtag living the DREAM, people!

Light and Love, friends!


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