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It's OK to Grieve

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

I should be in Texas performing in Merry Wives of Windsor and Romeo and Juliet at Texas Shakespeare Festival. Instead I'm home with my parents in McCalla, Alabama because of Covid -19. I didn't have to come home, but when NYC literally shut down I knew it would be best to get out of the city and be with family during this time.

I am heartbroken that I will not be making my Texas Shakespeare debut Summer 2020. I'm heartbroken that I was not able to go to Costa Rica for that much needed Spring Break vacation. I'm also heartbroken over the lives lost due to this horrific virus.However, I am optimistic and hopeful. I believe this pause will give this country, this world the reset it needs. I pray we will begin to love our neighbors better and come out of this better than when we entered.

It's ok to grieve the cancelled trip, the show that never opened, the friend you can no longer hug.Here's to hoping we can grieve and heal.


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