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Happy New Year = Ready. Set. Go.

After my time in Maine and Cincinnati, I decided I wanted to focus my efforts in auditioning primarily for classical works. I've been auditioning like crazy and its been so thrilling and wonderful and nerve wracking all at the same time. Good news: I booked my first show of the year! I'll be performing in Hamlet with Titan Theatre Company. I also have multiple callbacks for Shakespeare shows lined up, which is nice. Praying for a booked 2019!!!

I fell in love with Shakespeare not just because of the language, but because I found it to be inclusive. In college I was stuck with the "black shows". Don't get me wrong, I love Lynn Nottage, August Wilson, Katori Hall and the many other black voices changing the game in American Theatre. However, I didn't want to be boxed into just that genre. I wanted more. I love Shakespeare and would love to build my career performing classical theatre. Also I unashamedly and humbly admit, I'm just better at performing Shakespeare than contemporary. lol. My ideal situation would be to teach during the school year and perform at regional Shakespeare festivals over the summer. I also wouldn't mind performing in a NYC show during the Spring, which is what Im doing now. (Teaching Artist work is usually really light in the spring). Y'all that would be such a dream for me!

Like I always say, I'm not where I want to be, but thank God Im not where I used to be. Believing the best is yet to come for me. God is for me and he has GREAT plans for me. I'm not at Chicago Shakespeare, or Shakespeare and Company yet, but soon!


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